Welcome to my world of animals

My name is John and I paint animals in my spare time. Painting is my passion and I have always tried to capture the beauty and magic of animals.

My story
I have always loved to paint, but never thought my paintings would have any meaning to anyone other than for my own enjoyment. Then one day something amazing happened. My daughter asked me to paint an animal for her room. I was thrilled that she wanted me to do it, so I happily got to work.
When I saw how much my daughter liked my paintings, I realized that they could bring joy to other people too. So I decided to offer my paintings to the public.

My paintings
My paintings are created with love and care. They are full of details and emotions. I believe that everyone will find something that speaks to them.
My paintings are available in high resolution so you can have them printed in any format you want. You can also use them as wallpaper for your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Why choose my images?
* They are unique and original.
* They are hand painted with love and care.
* They will bring joy and beauty to your home.

On my website you will find a wide range of animal paintings, from which you will surely choose the right one that will delight you and your children.

Thank you for your visit!